Born in 1966 in Lucerne (Switzerland), I’ve always gravitated to the questions the sciences strive to answer. The first twenty years of my life I was an atheist; „found Jesus Christ“ a couple of weeks before my 20th birthday and was a convinced evangelical Christian for 18 years. In September 2004 after pondering the truth and theological implications of evolutionary theory and the obviously error-riddled nature of the biblical accounts I abandoned faith altogether and became an atheist.

While a Christian, doubt was always the prime enemy — now I count the practice to doubt among the prime human virtues.

I’m a native german speaker and the reason to post in English isn’t due to the „coolness“ but due to the fact that the topics I’m going to write about might probably find more english speaking readers (if any) than others.

… Papperlapapp: wieso sollte ich mich allein auf englisch-sprachige Blog-Einträge beschränken, wo ich mich in meiner deutschen Muttersprache so viel besser (und hoffentlich eleganter) ausdrücken kann als in einer Fremdsprache …


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